Breed characteristics as outlined by The White Saddleback Blesbuck Breeding Association

The most important characteristics of the white saddleback Blesbuck are:

  • There must be a definite white colour from the legs to the sides without a broken line of colour on the legs
  • There must be no confusion between the colour of the white saddleback blesbuck and the yellow blesbuck. The sides of the yellow blesbuck are yellow
  • There must be a definite red-brown saddle on the back and neck
  • A definite red-brown line on the side of the stomach
  • A red-brown patch on the tail
  • Good pigmentation is an absolute requirement
  • The horns, hoofs and eyes may not be pink
  • The ewes sexual organs must be pigmented
A DNA register is kept of all the pure white saddleback blesbuck

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